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Mitra was born in Paddington, London, England, the daughter of Nora Downey and Anthony Mitra, a cosmetic surgeon. She has an older and a younger brother. Her father is of Bengali Indian and English descent, and her mother is Irish. In 1984, when Mitra was eight, her parents divorced, and she was sent to boarding school. She spent several years at two different schools, including Roedean, but Mitra claims she was eventually expelled from both of them.

Mitra's first main role came as Scott Wolf 's illicit love interest on Нас пятеро (1994). In 2000, Mitra had a small, key role in the film Невидимка (2000), as the rape victim of Kevin Bacon , an incident that drives his character insane. She had a main role in the medical drama Gideon's Crossing (2000), as "Dr. Alejandra Ollie Klein". Mitra then had roles in Али Джи в парламенте (2002); Стильная штучка (2002); Застрял в тебе (2003), and leading roles in Шоссе смерти (2004) and Спартак (2004). Mitra appeared in the final season of Практика (1997) as "Tara Wilson", and continued that role into its spin-off Юристы Бостона (2004), but left not long into the second season. In 2005, Mitra played the role of "Kit McGraw" during Season 3 of Чaсти тела (2003). Mitra then went on to appear in Boлки-оборотни (2006), Роковое число 23 (2007) and Стрелок (2007). In 2008, Mitra starred in the lead role of the science fiction/action film Судный день (2008) as "Major Eden Sinclair", and, in 2009, went on to star in Другой мир: Восстание ликанов (2009) as "Sonja", the daughter of the powerful vampire elder, "Viktor" (played by Bill Nighy ).

Mitra appeared as the live action model for "Lara Croft", the lead character in Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider video game series. She was ranked #46 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2001.

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Maxim Sinclair* Maxim·& Dean Savonne - The Xtra Series Vol.1Maxim Sinclair* Maxim·& Dean Savonne - The Xtra Series Vol.1Maxim Sinclair* Maxim·& Dean Savonne - The Xtra Series Vol.1Maxim Sinclair* Maxim·& Dean Savonne - The Xtra Series Vol.1